Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burberry Man (바바리 맨)

Strange phenomenon. If I had continued my post graduate studies in Korean, perhaps I might have written a thesis on what exactly is the social motivation for Burberry Men...probably for the best that I did not. Burberry men appear on Korean movies and TV as a gag from time to time. 바바리 맨 pronounced ba ba ri maen is the Korean name for these streakers. A man (usually in his late thirties) approaches a public high school. He waits for the right moment and opens his Burberry Trenchcoat to show his naked body to the world!
This is not merely an urban myth or cliche film gimmick though. This actually happens. Ask a classroom full of girls if they have ever encountered one at their school and one will often admit to having witnessed them. Police arrest them when possible but these characters are still out there shouting their desperate shout for attention.
It's sad and indicative of a very real problem I know but...I'm sorry it's just funny~the idea of a man in this coat with his dark ray bans and beige fedora going on a mission all sober and straight faced. What peculiar creatures we humans are.

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  1. You're right about what strange people! Sounds like they don't do enough to catch them... You can see the poor little girls legs running for their life under the coat in the photo! Dont get any ideas!!! Traumatic - sick and wrong!